Common Mistakes Luxury Businesses Make on Social Media 

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Whether you own a luxury apartment building, upscale restaurant, or premium product line, if you want a brand that’s associated with luxury, then you need to intentionally build that brand identity, and stay consistent.

However, that consistency is often difficult for brands on social media.


Here are some common mistakes luxury businesses make, on social media,  that UNDERMINE their luxury status…

  • Using stock photos or REAL photos that look stock-ish.

I love a great professional photo that is beautifully edited and absolutely pristine… on a website.

But, using high-end lifestyle photos with your product or for your service allows potential buyers to SEE THEMSELVES there.

Example: if you have a luxury apartment complex and are looking to attract young professionals, keep the staged apartments and beautiful shared spaces on your website. Then, fill those areas with ACTUAL people who are young professionals looking, and get some more candid photos of them using the spaces.

  • One-line captions that mean nothing to the potential buyer.

An emoji with a hashtag is NOT going to cut it. A “Check out this new spa treatment to give you younger looking skin”… no bueno.

  • NOT painting the picture, telling a story, or giving context in your captions.

Example:  your luxury spa has a new facial that will reverse the signs of aging and clear up sun damage.

Write a caption explaining the new treatment including:
Who is it ideal for (and not ideal for)
Is it painful? Super simple and easy?
How long does the treatment take?
How long will it take before I see results?

Luxury brands CAN and SHOULD use social to build their brand, but you can’t just phone it in. You need to draw the right people in, in a way that makes them feel they are MEANT to experience what you have to offer.