We build iconic personal brands for business leaders, speakers, and authors.

Become the go-to thought leader in your industry!

personal branding agency for founders and executives

We build iconic personal brands for business leaders, speakers, and authors.

Become the go-to thought leader in your industry!

The Conviction Marketing Agency by Kelly Roach International

There is nothing more powerful than a strategically built personal brand to:

We know, because we’ve seen the power of a well thought out content strategy, to drive results.

Our proven Conviction Marketing Method, has:

  • Landed our CEO on every major news outlet and in every major news publication
  • Driven millions in sales for our 6 companies
  • Secured an Inc 5000 award
  • Built a #1 ranked podcast
  • Sold thousands of books and made our founder a best-selling author, 3x’s over.


I am a successful industry leader that wants to grow my personal brand

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I am a podcaster looking for podcast production and growth.

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I am a business leader looking to solidify my brand messaging and photography.

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LinkedIn management for founders and executives

Let us help you

shake things up.


We aren’t like other agencies.

We don’t do cookie-cutter.
We don’t make promises we can’t keep.
We don’t take short cuts.

We create customized brand, marketing, and media strategies that open doors of opportunity WHILE increasing your profitability.

  • Personal brand strategy.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Podcast Production.
  • Podcast Guest Booking.
  • Brand messaging and positioning. 
  • Personal brand photography.

If it’s part of building a personal brand… we’ve got you covered!

Kelly Roach | Creator of

The Conviction Marketing Method

Kelly Roach is not only the creator of The Conviction Marketing Method, but she is a Best-Selling Author, Host of a Top 10 Ranked Podcast, Founder of 5 different companies (including the agency), and 8-figure CEO.

Kelly’s success stems from the exact strategies we employ for our clients at the agency. While still in her corporate career as an SVP at a Fortune 500, Kelly had no online presence or brand.

Despite starting from ground zero, she didn’t hop on every trend, dance around pointing at nothing, or dumb down her online presence to fit a broad audience.

Instead, she leveraged the three layers of what is now The Conviction Marketing Method, to build authority, truly stand out amongst her peers, and generate high quality leads in the thousands.

With a dialed in social media and PR strategy, Kelly grew her company to over 8-figures in annual revenue per year, with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans across a variety of platforms. She’s been a featured guest on every major news media outlet and in every major business magazine on the market.

Kelly’s belief that you can build a brand that truly represents your brilliance, establishes your authority, serves your market and make you millions is the exact lens through which we build our client’s brands.

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